Juan Martín del Potro announces his retirement at the Argentina Open

Argentine player Juan Martín del Potro, aged 33, announced on Sunday, 5th of February 2022, his retirement from tennis in an interview at the Argentina Open ATP 250.

With tears in his eyes he explained that the future of his professional career is in danger after the Argentina Open and the Rio Open (14th-20th of June). “This is one of the most difficult messages I have had to transmit. I am retiring from tennis,” declared the former world No. 3.

Del Potro announced his return to the courts after two and a half years at the Argentina Open but, unfortunately, his right knee puts him back. “I have lived a nightmare with my knee and I have tried everything to recover, but it has not been possible,” he said.

Nevertheless, Del Potro expressed a tremendous desire to play his homeland’s tournament. “I never imagined a retirement if it was not playing. I have not found a better tournament than Buenos Aires to do so,” he concluded amid applause.

The Argentina Open will not be just another edition. It has become the final act for Del Potro, a tennis player with 22 titles under his arm, one of them a Grand Slam and the US Open won in 2009 against Roger Federer.